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Digital is primarily a semi-hardcore raiding guild. We do lots of other things, but raiding is our focus.

I'd like to have a 90% raid attendance requirement (24 hr notice if can't attend raid) and we'd like to have a raiding roster of about 30-36 people. We should strive to have on each team:
– 3 tanks
– 8 healers
– 7-11 melee
– 11-13 ranged

We want a big enough roster that we can still field a full group when vacations and personal absences line up poorly, but we don’t want a roster so big that we have 10 raiders sitting on the bench every fight. We never want to cancel a raid at the last minute due to a lack of people. We occasionally will cancel a raid in advance (like when holidays fall on raid days, or half the raid is going to BlizzCon), but other than that, if a raid is scheduled it’s going to happen.

I hope we strike a good balance between having a successful raid and providing a pleasant environment to play in. We have rules around behaviour and language – a few choice words and slurs are verboten and we want people to be respectful of each other. However, we’re not above filling Teamspeak with discussions about penises and bear butts while we’re clearing trash or buffing up before a boss pull >.> We’re serious about killing bosses, but we also like to keep things light and have fun!

We have the following ranks:

Guild Leader
Bank – There’s only one character in this rank, Soulltrain. This is the character used to buy/sell things on the AH to keep the gbank stocked. This character is the only one (aside from the GM) who can withdraw gold from the guild bank.
Officer - Management of Guild
Officer alts – The only reason we have a separate rank for this is so officers can ginvite and access the bank without having to be on their main character.
Veteran – People who have raided with us continuously for at least 1 year.
Raider - Self Explanatory
Trial – People on trial to become raiders
Member – People who once raided with us, but have stepped down or members of the guild

Digital has 12(?) officers, each of whom have specific roles in guild and in raids. Since there are so many responsibilities a few people have multiple roles to play.

Here’s what our officers are responsible for:

Raid leader

Creating and posting raid strategies
Posting the raid plans for each week
Creating the roster for each raid and determining what swaps will happen
Making calls during raids and addressing problems with strategy or execution
Posting a raid review thread after every raid
Log dives to discover problem areas

Website Officer - updates the site, adds new content! Updates Guild Twitter Page and Facebook! Oversees our guild streamers for placement of recorded fights on website.

Event Coordinator - Plans non-raid events also handles guild lottery, raffles etc. and can help assist other officers

Recruitment officer

Finding applicants
Posting and updating our recruitment blurb on the official forums
Posting in the threads of people looking for guilds that suit our requirements
Talking to potential apps and answering their questions
Other responsibilities:

Filling gbank requests
Healthstone reminder service

Melee lead – Role leader description below
Bank admin

Ensures bank is stocked with consumables and gear enhancements for raiders
Sells excess items in bank (patterns, BoEs, etc.) to keep funds up
Fills gbank requests
Other responsibilities:

Back-up raid leader -Raid lead assist
Mid-raid log dives (for problems that need to be identified and fixed immediately)

Ranged lead – Role leader description below <Back-up raid leader> Raid Lead Assist

Healing lead – Role leader description below

Role lead responsibilities:

Is the primary point of contact for any feedback, suggestions and complaints for raiders and initiates in their role group
Represents members of their role in strategy discussion
Centrally involved in the interview and feedback process for new applicants and initiates in their role
Keeps Initiates informed of the status of their trial
Provides feedback to people in their role. This includes both formal, written feedback on performance at certain intervals along with more instant feedback on performance (and possibly behavior) when required
Gives specific assignments during raids (interrupts, stuns, cooldowns, target switches, etc.)
Live calls during raids when required
Things that all officers have input in:

Adding new/revising existing guild policies
Whether to accept or decline new applicants
Promotion of initiates
Deciding our recruitment needs
Weekly raid plans
Suggesting changes to raid strategy or roster

Class Leads - Officers that know their classes!

That’s the basic information about what Digital is about and how responsibilities are divided up.
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