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Raiding / Dungeons
Deadly Boss Mods - People basically expect you to use this in raids because it tells you when moves are coming and warns you through sight and sound when you are standing in harmful effects. I'm not saying you can't play without this, but if you don't have it you will need to learn fights extremely thoroughly to keep on top of everything. Also, I believe that our guild officers require all guildies to get DBM if they want to raid. [Only useful in PvE]

Skada Damage Meter - I hate to put this so high, but everyone should know what their damage/healing output is. On top of that, this lets you keep track of a whole range of other stats from fights, such as dispels. It also allows you to check what moves are doing most of your healing/dps, and shows you how a players damage or healing was distributed among targets. Bottom line is, you need to know what effect you are having on the fight to know how to improve. I have heard guildies say that this is more accurate than recount, but I cannot say for certain myself. [Mostly for PvE]

Clique - Clique allows you to bind skills and macros to mouse keys, and use SHIFT CTRL and ALT as modifiers to pick different skills. These skills are only cast when you click on a character frame (or grid tile), and they cast on the target that the frame or tile represents. This is mostly for healing spells, but is useful for any skill that you want to be able to cast on an ally quickly. I barely use my number keys when I heal now, and do almost every spell with a single mouse click. This basically just makes you faster at using skills targeted on allies. I would not be able to heal effectively without this addon (I believe HealBot Continued or VuhDo would be possible replacements for this, but I have not used either of them myself). [Useful in PvE and PvP]

Grid - Grid goes hand in hand with Clique for me. It is a very simple addon that basically creates a more compact version of raid frames in a nice little rectangle that you can move to anywhere on your screen. Grid not only makes selecting and casting on specific players extremely easy, but also displays a ton of information in a very small space, and is very customizable. My grid tells me who has effects on them that I can dispel, tells me who has aggro, tells me my raid members health levels, shows me who is tank/healer specced, shows me class colors, and even shows specific buffs and debuffs that I need to know (like power word shield and weakened soul for disc priest). I use this addon mainly because I heal, but I would recommend it for all roles. [Useful in PvE and PvP]

Bartender4 - This just gives you control of your action bars, and lets you customize your ui a bit. I am sure there are many addons that do this, and I just want to mention it because it lets you make your layout much more compact and efficient for your play style. [Useful in everything]

Shadowed Unit Frames - Once again, a UI adjustment of which there are a number of addons to choose from. This one allows you to manipulate your character and party member frames, as well as your target's frame. I just like it much more than the default UI, and I suggest that everyone shop around for a UI that works for them, and display more information that the default WoW UI. [Useful in everything]

OmniCC - This addon places a countdown on your action buttons when they are on cooldown, so that you know exactly how long until that ability is usable again. [Useful in PvE and PvP]

Simple Interrupt Announce - As it sounds, this addon will simply announce when interrupts occur. This is not just for your own interrupts, but for every party memeber's interrupts. This is very helpful for coordinating interrupts. [Useful in PvE and PvP]

Spellflash - This addon makes your spell icons begin to flash when they are likely candidates for your next cast. I am new to this addon, but it seems pretty good. It will tell you when your buff is needed, and is particularly useful for knowing when to interrupt your main target. It can be somewhat helpful for your rotation if you are still learning. You will also need to download a setup for your class. I use the related addon, Bitten's SpellFlash, for my class setups. [Useful in PvE]

RaidIconBar - This is just a convenient little bar that you can move and resize that shows all of the raid icons. You can simply click on any raid icon on the bar and it will apply that marker to your selected target. This allows you to mark targets during fights more quickly. I don't find myself using this a lot, but I am glad I have it when I do use it. [Useful in PvE]

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