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12 Ways To Prepare For World of Warcraft: Legion

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Legion's Arrival

Moardotd / Jul 06, 2016

Every time a new pre-patch launches, there is a long list of changes that are due to be implemented. We've listed the major changes that you can expect as soon as 7.0 launches!The first thing to cover is the removals of the pre-patch, which you ca...

Moardotd / Jul 06, 2016

IntroductionI did briefly touch on Lil' Leftovers in my article Preparing For Legion but I thought it deserved its own highlight. The pet itself isn't actually that special (as a battle pet) as its move set seems to be quite situational and it do...

Moardotd / Jul 06, 2016 / Wow News!

In Legion and during the Legion pre-patch, daily and weekly quests, heroic and mythic dungeons and raids will have a single unified lockout time.At the moment, daily quests and dungeons/raids have separate reset timers. Soon, you will only need to...

Moardotd / Jul 01, 2016 / Wow News!

Here you go!Below you can find all of the major events for this month, including their starting and finishing dates. Event Start Date End DateMidsummer Fire Fes...

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Forums » Guild Rules
by Moardotd on Jun 29, 2016 at 03:06 AM
General Guild Rules

·Be respectful of your guildies.
·Don't beg for gold.
·When offering items in guild chat, only offer for free / large discount.
·When asking for items in guild chat, do not expect items to be free.
·Don't ask repeatedly for boosts through dungeons on your low-level toons.
·Try to put as much into the guild bank as you take out, otherwise the well will run dry.
·Try to return favors without being asked- e.g., if your low-level alt has been run through Deadmines, offer to return the favor.
·Don't spam Trade chat with stupid remarks, as it reflects badly on the guild.
·Don't be a jerk to non-guildies, as it reflects badly on the guild.

Warcraft: Must See Movie

by Moardotd on Jul 01, 2016 at 02:34 PM

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by Moardotd on Jun 30, 2016 at 01:28 PM

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